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LANJI-S7 OEM Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

LANJI-S7 OEM Auto Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Change 4 Cleaning Modes with LED Touch Screen, Meet Your Different Daily Cleaning Requirements.

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Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner OEM LANJI-S7 BLDC380W Powerful Strong Suction Stick Portable Handheld for Household Cleaning Machines.

Green LED Turbine Motorized Brush.
Built-in Independent Motor
360°Soft and Hard Bristles Cross-Rolling Brush
Green LED Light Imitation Laser Detecting Dust
Convenient Design One-Press Popup

10 Round Tapered Ports Effectively Filter 99.99% of Fine Dust

Level 1:
Cyclone Separates Garbage And Filters Large Particle Garbage
Level 2:
0.2 um Stainless Steel Mesh Filters Hair And Snack Debrist
Level 3:
Double-Layer 10-Level CycloneWith Ten Cones Can Purify99.99% Of Dust
Level 4:
Sponge Filter In Dust Cup
Level 5:
H11 Class Sponge Filter, Filter Dust As Small As 0.1 um
Level 6:
The Motor Air Outlet ls Filtered By Sponge

What are smart cordless vacuum cleaner S7‘s  features?

  • Built-in Infrared Dust Sensor 
  • Real-time perception of the amount of dust
  • Multi Cone Cyclone Filter, 6 stages filtration system with HEPA
  • Replace the main shaft of the floor brush with one key
  • High speed brush roller / 30kPa super powerful suction Powerful dust removal
  • One-Key Dustbin Design
  • Innovative lighting screen displays machine working state
  • Colorful LED intelligent status display
  • 4 cleaning modes with LED touchscreen
  • Digital brushless motor, long life, high suction, low noise.
  • A variety of accessories for options

Multiple brushes are available for various cleaning scenarios.

Portable disassembly for easy cleaning

Besides, it have a variety of accessories for options,

On the ather hand, its color, logo, packaging box, etc. also can be customized.


Rated Voltage DC25.9V
Rated Power BLDC380W
Output DC32V-500mA
Motor Type Brushless
Battery Cell Capacity 2500mAh*7cells
Detachable Battery Pack Yes
Work Modes 4modes (low, middle, high, Auto)
Vacuum Degree 30Kpa Max
Running Time 15mins-70mins
Noise (Eco mode) ≤83dB
Charging Time ≤5.5H
Filtration System 6 stages (with HEPA)
LED Display Touch Control Screen yes, with dust sensor
Dust-bin Volume 1L



●Innovative lighting screen displays machine working state and dust volume.
●Colorful LED intelligent status display shows remaining power.
●Change 4 cleaning modes with LED touch screen, meet your different daily cleaning requirements.
●Equipped with a variety of accessories brush head, to meet various cleaning needs.