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ONSEEN S702 BLDC530W Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

With 37Kpa Suction, 530W Brushless motor, Smart sensor LED touch screen, Up to 65 mins of autonomy, 7cells*2500mAh Rechargeable battery pack,   9-level filtration system, 1.5L Large Double-cup, Foldable tube.

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Powerful Cordless Broom Vacuum Cleaner 37Kpa 530W ONSEEN s702 With Big Smart LED Touch Screen.

⭐️LED And InTelligent Error Display:
The ONSEEN S702 vacuum cleaner’s digital display and error messages provide all the information you need to help you. Intuitive indicator lights such as power, suction power and clogging let you know the cleaning status at a glance.
⭐️Dual Effect Floor Brush Head:
The floor brush of the broom vacuum cleaner is designed with hard and soft bristles. It can clean trash on all types of hard floors, in addition to cleaning dust and debris on carpet, the combination of the two can achieve the best cleaning effect.
⭐️Optimal Filtration:
Filtration system with 9 efficiency levels to effectively filter dust, bacteria and viruses, preventing therelease of allergens and caring for the health of families.
⭐️Green LED Light:
Compared to vacuum cleaners illuminated by white light, green light can see dust more clearly and is more comfortable for the eyes.
The vacuum cleaner can be used folded or straight, and you don’t need to move it to clean under furniture effectively.

Strong Suction.

ONSEEN S702 provides powerful suction power of up to 37Kpa, which can effectively absorb dust, hair, etc. And it auto matically detects dirty areas in auto mode and adjusts the ideal suction power in real time. Whether it’s dust on the carpet or small debris on the floor, it can be easily vacuumed up!

Improved Corner Cleaning.

This is a uniquely designed household vacuum cleaner. The 180° rotation design is a very important feature. It can rotate freely and work flexibly, making it easier to clean various corners and hard-to-reach places, which greatly improves cleaning efficiency.

Effective Cyclone Filter System.

The cordless vacuum cleaner uses a 9-stage filtration system, which effectively captures 99.99% of dust particles, pollen and pet dander, and purifies indoor air. To protect your health and that of your family, we recommend regular cleaning or replacement of the filter (the filter is washable).

Pentrating Green LED Light

Green LED light is easier to detect dust than white LED light. The light on this vacuum head can reveal dust invisible to the naked eye. It is the best choice for people suffering from germaphobia!

65 Minutes of Extended Battery Life

with high capacity 7cells * 2500 mAh batteries, running time is 15-60mins it’s more than enough to clean large surfaces without having to recharge frequently. The vacuum cleaner only requires 4-5 hours for a full charge.

Less Noise During Use.

Double noise reduction design, by adding an acoustic layer to absorb noise and block vibration, less than 65 dB.

6in1 Multifunctional Vacuum Cleaner

ONSEEN S702 vacuum cleaner is equipped with 3 suction heads and accessories, which can clean a variety of surfaces, including floors, sofas, seats, curtains, corners, etc., giving the whole house a new appearance.

Easy to store. Easy to Load.

– Place your vacuum cleaner on the wall bracket
– Remove the removable battery and charge the battery with the adapter we offer
– Plug our included adapter directly into your vacuum to charge it

1.5L Large Duouble-Cup

The large dust bin with a capacity of 1.5 liters can hold more waste and reduces the number of emptyings. With just one click toempty the dust bin, you no longer need to remove dirt and clean the dust bin frequently.

One-Touch Pop-up.

The brush roll can be easily removed at the touch of a button without the need for tedious release settings.

Package Listing.


Model ONSEEEN S702
Rated Voltage DC25.9V
Rated Power BLDC530W
Motor Type Brushless Motor
Adapet Output 35V-500mA
Battery Cell Capacity 2500mAh*7cells
Detachable Battery Pack Yes
Work Modes 4 modes(low,middle,high,auto)
Vacuum Degree 37kPa Max
Running Time 15 – 65mins
Noise (Eco mode) ≤65 dB
Charging Time ≤4.5H
Filtration System 9-Stage Filrtation System( with HEPA )
LED Display Touch  Control Screen yes
Dust-bin Volume 1.5L
Accessories Main Host, Foldable Tube, Floor Brush, 2in1 Flate Nozzle, Long Flat nozzle, wide flat nozzle, wall hanger; Mini Clean Brush, 2*HEPA total, EU Adaptor


With Dual Effect Floor Brush Head, LED And InTelligent Error Display, 9 Stages Optimal Filtration, Green LED Light Big Brush, Foldable Tube, Double Cup.