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W15 Pro OEM BLDC330W Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner OEM W15 Pro BLDC330W Light Weight 3 in 1 Handheld Portable Carpet with Two-speed Modes forCleaning Floor.

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Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner  OEM W15 Pro BLDC 330W Handheld Portable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Carpet Cleaner Floor Cleaning

W15 Pro OEM Handheld Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

1.Powerful cleaning
2.Cord-free, 0.85kg ultra lightweight design
3.Ergonomic handle design, more comfortable to grasp
4.High speed BLDC motor,more powerful
Enjoy your easy light life  Ergonomic handle and reduce burden 
Its unit weight is only comparable to 2 bottles of water. Its lightness reduce the burden of cleanliness. The new W15 cordless stick vacuum cleaner is light and powerful.


Lightweight design The unit weight is 29% lighter,light and handy
The overall optimization of the internal structure of the unit can not only ensure the performance and quality of the product, but also can reduce the weight and volume,while the cleaning ability is still excellent.


Super high-speed light weight brushless motor Hurricane suction,instantly remove dust.
Lightweight spin motor, lighter weight,.performance is still strong.
The vacuum degree of the machine is up to 18000Pa, which brings higher cleaning effciency for household dust removal.
Multiple flters Release fresh air
Block fine dust, so that fine dust does not cape without raising dust,avoid secondary pollution.



30mins long battery life One charging for 168m2 large house cleaning.
4* 2200mAH Li-ion battery,accompany you clean throughout the house.At the same time, the vacuum is 11kPa in eco mode.
Ultra-light brush combination Easy to handle the whole housecleaning.
Ergonomic handle design, more suitable for grasp.Multi brush head combination, all cleaning tasks done by one machine.

Parts list


Model W15 Pro
Rated Voltage DC22.2V
Rated Power BLDC330W
Output DC26.5V-500mA
Motor Type Brushless
Battery Cell Capacity 2000mAh*6cells
Detachable Battery Pack Yes
Work Modes 2modes (low, high)
Vacuum Degree High speed:≥23kPa
Low speed:≥10kPa
Running Time 15mins-40mins
Noise (Eco mode) ≤78dB
Charging Time ≤4.5H
Filtration System 5-Fech-Filtersystem (with HEPA)
Dust-bin Volume 1.2L
Accessories (for options) Main Host,Motorized LED Floor Brush, 2in1 Flate Nozzle, Long Flat nozzle, Wide Flat Nozzle, Wall Hanger;Mini Clean Brush, 2*HEPA total, Adaptor,Metal Tube,Flexibletube,Foldable Tube for Options



W15 Light Weight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • 0.85kg ultra lightweight design
  • Ergonomic handle design,more comfortable to grasp
  • High speed BLDC 300W motor 23kPa Vacuum,
  • Brush-less motor not only produce high vacuum, but also low noise in 72dB
  • 22.2V, 2200mAh*6cells battery pack, 30mins Endurance
  • Two-speed Modes, Eco-mode, high mode
  • Equipped with different accessories
  • Foldable Tube